August 14 – August 18: Kinder Camp

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While the first day of kindergarten is an exciting milestone event, the adjustment can pose challenges for even the most self-assured five year old.  Although many entering kindergarten are accustomed to preschool or congregate care, the scale of size, level of expectation, and range in age of school population can leave top bananas feeling like they have landed back on the bottom rung of a very tall ladder.  Our kinder camp serves to embrace our youngest learners and acclimate them to their new surroundings and schedule.  Since they will be joining K-1 classrooms when school gets underway, the kinder-only camp gives them the opportunity to meet their own new-to-the-school grade-level classmates with whom they may be spending the next nine years.  Kinder-camp is the functional equivalent of Freshman Orientation Week in that it will assure its participants will recognize a few familiar faces in the crowd on the first day of school.  We look forward to greeting our fledgling kindergarteners, the class of 2026. The hours of Kindercamp will be 9:00-12:00.